It seemed

It seemed Max's mother at last understood, in what a problem the boy did not know, how to plan longterm projects.

It seemed to it that, if some the stage will be too difficult, it will become an obstacle.

Mother pogovo Rila Planina with Max, and they decided that it will help him in a planirov scientific research institute.

Using as a reference point terms, which one of teachers appointed for the easy project, they allocated stages in the project on sots ologiya which needed to be handed over in three weeks.

Mother asked Max that he estimated each step on a scale from to where pu styak, and it is almost impossible.

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We are occupied

We are occupied By simultaneous training in the letter and reading or is more true, by merge of these of two about tsess, we put the child before a new form of the speech, without determining a question of what of these processes it is perceived by the child earlier.

We are occupied a little by a question, whether the child in development of this process will learn before to read, and then to write, and whether one of these arts easier than another is given it, We have to be free from prejudiced views and to expect the answer to these questions from experiment.

We have the right to expect that individual distinctions will be found in prevalence of this or that act.

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The content

The content Therefore in the first months to appoint lives to the children who are on artificial feeding, mix with the raised content of iron it is inexpedient.

The content of iron in the mixes enriched with iron has to be not lower than mg kcal.

The mix Sir Switzerland contains mg of iron on ml of the divorced mix; Similak with iron USA mg; Enfamil with iron Switzerland mg; SMA with iron mg.

SPECIALIZED PRODUCTS OF THE ENTEROALIMENTATION ENPITA The proteinaceous enpit the dietary product which is characterized high the content of fullfledged proteins, it is enriched with irreplaceable fatty acids, the water both fatsoluble vitamins and preparations of iron.

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Then we call

Then we call This experience not gives in to measurements, but it is very useful, giving us an approximate idea of sharpness hearing at the child.

Experience is that, having established a complete silence, we pay attention of children on tick of hours and on all noise which are usually not reaching their hearing.

Then we call children on turns from the adjacent room, saying a name of everyone in halfvoices.

Preparing for this exercise, it is necessary to explain to children true sense of silence.

For this purpose I suited the various games in silence which surprisingly promote a settlement of model discipline in our Children's homes.

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He is not able

He is not able; hampered the Deputy thread the word synonymous with dog dog, soil to granite, look look, etc.

; to find the word is the opposite sugar ~ salt, hot cold, smile to a frown, etc.

Child inactive speech communication.

He is not able to talk about current events, mispronounce sounds, distorts the syllabic structure of words.



Zhukova Understanding speech includes not only the perception hear Semih sounds as, for example, we perceive different nonspeech sounds, or unknown to us in foreign language, but interpret the meaning of a speech stream.

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